Californians Can Vote To Derail Los Angeles Mansion Tax in 2024

Opponents Gather Enough Signatures To Force Statewide Vote
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L.A.'s so-called mansion tax, a new levy on commercial and residential properties going into effect in April, faces a new challenge. A ballot initiative known as The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act, which proponents say would end the mansion tax and other similar measures, officially gathered enough signatures this month to be put up for a statewide vote i...


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Although the population continues to increase, fewer Americans decided to move in 2022. After a historically low moving rate in 2021, data indicates that even fewer Americans moved across the country last year. But this is not a new trend. Millions of people moved during the pandemic, driven by the opportunity to work remotely, the desire for more space, and better affordability. Nevertheless, ...


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Rising early is the secret to productivity for many successful people. From athletes to doctors, people who get things done recommend waking up early because it gives you a head start to your day and more time to complete errands or work. Waking up early may seem difficult, especially for night owls, but it has great benefits, including improving sleep quality, mental health, and produc...

Commercial & Investment Real Estate

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Despite the market’s uncertainty, commercial real estate performed well overall in 2022. With healthy balance sheets, consumer demand was significantly boosted in retail and industrial asset classes. In both sectors of the real estate market, vacancy rates fell even further than the previous year, illustrating strong demand for retail and industrial spaces in the post-pandemic period. Spe...

Multi-Family Market Report


Multi-Family Submarket Report

Glendale, California
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Overview Submarket vacancy in Glendale, 3.2%, is near its lowest levels in decades. Average asking rates are presently growing at 5.2% on a year-over-year basis, but growth has stalled since the second half of 2022. Glendale was one of L.A.'s hotspots for new multifamily construction last decade, with more than 3,600 units delivered during this time. However, the current construc...

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For Douglas Emmett, Office Outlook is Good, Apartments Are Even Better

LA Landlord Projects Gains in 2022 After Suffering Office 'Paddle Whacking'
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The company that bills itself as the largest Los Angeles office landlord is bullish on apartments. Jordan Kaplan, president and CEO of Santa Monica, California-based Douglas Emmett, said he expects leasing activity in the company's 18.1 million-square-foot office portfolio to start picking up this year, though he hedged about when he thought it would reach pre-pandemic levels. The out...